Mental Wellbeing During Pregnancy

It’s normal for us to worry under the best of circumstances and these concerns are amplified when you’re bringing a new life into the world. So, despite the exhilaration and excitement of pregnancy, it can be a stressful time for many women. Prolonged exposure to high stress and anxiety can greatly increase the risk of mental illness in many expectant mothers.

Your Baby at 3 to 5 Months

While he still sleeps for up to 15 hours a day, your baby at 3 to 5 months is now more interactive in bonding with you.

Your Baby at Week 12

Your 12 weeks old baby is still loving the sensation of investigating new things with her mouth. She will want to explore everything by putting it in her mouth.

Your Baby at Week 11

At this stage, your 11 weeks old baby will sleep less than in the previous weeks. He will also be more interested in his surroundings and you.

Your Baby at Week 10

Your 10 Week Baby Your 10 weeks old baby is now ‘talking’ more. This includes making gurgling and cooing sounds. She also is working on her grip so you can offer her items to grip on including your clean fingers. Her fine motor skills are beginning to develop as she puts her hands in her […]

Your Baby at Week 9

Your babymoon has now been going on for two months!  A Baby’s brain grows about five centimetres in the first three months of development. She is learning a lot! When she breastfeeds, make sure she is not swallowing too much air as the gas can make your 9 weeks old baby uncomfortable. When breastfeeding make sure your baby’s lips enclose […]

Your Baby at Week 8

His eyes are steadily learning to see. Instead of a blurry haze with indistinct figures,  he is now beginning to discern certain details. He is still seeing in black and white, and his vision is nowhere near 20:20 but you will notice baby begin to focus more on faces and smile widely. Your 8 week […]

Your Baby at Week 7

Your 7 weeks old baby at this stage will be sleeping and feeding a lot more than usual. This is due to a growth spurt that will likely last for a few days to an entire week. If your child has reached their target birth weight, this would be a good time to introduce a […]

Your Baby at Week 6

Your 6 weeks old baby is likely to be settling into a predictable routine by this age. If your child has reached an optimal weight of 4 kilograms or more, you can now begin gentle sleep training to ensure they get through the night with minimal fuss. This will enable you and your partner to get your own lives back and cut down on the much-publicized sleep deprivation that new parents often undergo.