Your Baby at Week 8

His eyes are steadily learning to see. Instead of a blurry haze with indistinct figures,  he is now beginning to discern certain details. He is still seeing in black and white, and his vision is nowhere near 20:20 but you will notice baby begin to focus more on faces and smile widely. Your 8 week baby may now begin to notice differences such as someone wearing glasses or someone wearing bold shapes and patterns or a dramatically different skin tone. His eyes may also be able to focus on an object above his car seat or his bed – the distance may be 6 inches above his face.

He may now be able to lift up his head while lying on his stomach, and he definitely will know your voice and respond to it by making more noise and being quiet. Depending on how much you introduced your 8 week baby or her to music in the womb, he will take notice of music at this stage and it may even soothe him when he is fussy or upset.

The two soft hollow spots (fontanelles) in the back of your baby’s head will now be less noticeable. They will still need a few more weeks to close, though. If they are slightly indented, it could be a sign of dehydration.

You at Eight weeks of being a mum.

In case your skin changed drastically after childbirth, it will now begin to return to its original state and pigmentation. Some of us experience hyper-pigmentation due to the huge release of hormones to trigger birth. Do not be alarmed – this is temporary. To aid in your body’s recovery, drink plenty of clear liquids in addition to the other things you are taking in. Some mothers report that this post-baby diet has helped their bodies after childbirth:  dill seeds infused in water, clear chicken, beef and vegetable broth, tulsi tea and chamomile tea.

If you are going outside, these are some beauty and health tips, protect your skin from the sun using sunblock or similar natural alternatives. Your skin is still sensitive at this point. Don’t worry about stretch marks if they have begun to appear. They are generally reduced if you regularly apply some oil or butter throughout all pregnancy. If you had not started, it is not too late, but there is no guarantee they will disappear. Applying the oils and butters will also help relieve the itching. Your best bet is to make peace with your marks.

Should you tie your belly to help return your waistline? Our midwives advise against it. Are you ready to exercise to lose your after-baby belly at this point? It depends on what your doctor advises during your check-up. But do stretches, find gentle ways to get moving and work to get back to your exercise regimen as soon as you can.


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