Our Pregnancy Program

Bringing new life into the world is a beautiful experience.

However, the journey to motherhood can be filled with lots of challenges and unpredictable changes.

That’s why we created Malaica. A program that offers support, guidance, and resources to help you navigate pregnancy with confidence and ease.

From pregnancy and beyond, we are here to help you every step of the way.

*Only for expectant mums

What does this program include?

A personal nurse midwife

Chat any time with your nurse midwife to guide you every step of the way.

Online community support

Emotional support from a vibrant group of mums-to-be like you.

Weekly WhatsApp Q&A sessions

Access to live discussions with an ob-gyn on various pregnancy topics.

Expert post-natal care

Support from medical experts up-to 8 weeks after delivery.

Daily pregnancy updates

Daily messages on what to expect at each stage of your pregnancy

Hospital recommendations

A guide on hospitals near you with safe & affordable maternity packages

We will help you navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy with ease.

Available via WhatsApp wherever you are.

*Only for expectant mums

What Malaica Mums say about the program

"Even if you are so stressed, Nurse Hellen helps you. Right there on WhatsApp."

"Can't thank you enough for your kindness, encouragement, support and good advice."

"The Malaica program made my journey enjoyable. The program was very educative."

Malaica client

Join the program

You deserve a smooth and comfortable pregnancy experience.

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*Only for expectant mums

Frequently asked questions

The program is open to pregnant women all over Kenya. 

We aim to ensure all Kenyan women can experience a better pregnancy journey.

We know firsthand how tough it can be to get pregnant. We are thinking about offering a fertility program in the future. However, the current program is for pregnant women only.

No. We only accept M-Pesa currently.

Our service is purely online. We do not replace ANC clinics or delivery in a hospital, we support the overall health of the mother and baby. And we help you choose the best facility for you and get registered for insurance.

You will be supported by a highly skilled, qualified, licensed nurse midwife. They will offer medical and emotional support, tips and advice, and is there for any questions.

The relationship between clients and our nurse midwives typically becomes very strong. Clients describe it as “hugely valuable” to master the pregnancy journey and have a healthy baby.

Malaica is a Kenyan healthcare company. It is driven by a team of healthcare experts and entrepreneurs. Have a look at our team section to find out more, or watch a short video with our Founder and CEO here.

You can sign up by sharing your details through this link or talking to our customer service team here.