Meal Planner – 9 Months Old

Get our free menu plans for healthy and nutritious meals. This no-stress guide highlights local foods easily obtainable in Nairobi, written and approved by a leading Kenyan nutritionist.

5 Hospitals in Nyeri offering Maternity Services.

Welcoming a new member to the family is one of the most exhilarating experiences. Delivering your baby in a quality health facility provides comfort and reassurance as you anticipate the arrival of your bundle of joy. If you’re looking for a hospital in Nyeri that offers the best maternity services, you’ve come to the right place.

6 Credible Places to Donate Clothes in Nairobi

Do you have any clothes that no longer fit you or your children? Consider donating them to credible charities that assist those in need. Remember, no donation is too small or too big.

7 Optical Hospitals in Nairobi

If you experience blurry vision, spots in your eyes, glare at night, or flashing lights, it may be a sign of an eye disease. That’s why it’s important to understand what healthy eyes look like and be able to recognize the early signs of an eye disorder. Early detection can lead to better treatment outcomes.

10 Psychiatric Hospitals and Clinics in Kenya

Psychiatric hospitals and clinics can be incredibly helpful resources for those dealing with mental illness. Studies have shown that having a support network of family and friends, in addition to medical professionals, is vital to aiding in the recovery process.

6 Special Needs Schools for Kids in Kenya.

Special needs children are those with physical or mental conditions that may hinder their ability to learn successfully in a regular school environment. However, there are schools specifically designed to cater to their needs by providing therapy, education and co-curricular activities.

Adoption Agencies in Kenya

The topic of adoption has been on the rise in Kenya, with many people inquiring about how to go about it. While we are not an adoption agency, we’re interested in the well-being of children and families. Adoption offers a child what the parents are not in a position to grant them and this can be emotional, physical, and psychological support as well as basic needs.