Gender Based Violence: Where To Get Help and Support in Kenya

In the last few years especially during the rise of Covid-19 and subsequent lockdowns, gender-based violence has been on the rise as many people were cooped up in the house with most if not all family members.

With nowhere to go, GBV victims were stuck with their abusers as schools and churches remained closed indefinitely. If you or someone you know is going through gender-based violence, here are places they can turn to for help:

1. Healthcare Assistance Kenya

Healthcare Assistance Kenya (HAK) is a humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization that operates the only and the first-ever Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Rapid Response System and Helpline 1195 that today supports survivors of GBV from grassroots to break the silence and quickly access GBV services through helpline 1195 after a violation. 

The main aim of this project is to help survivors access quick GBV services on referral through a confidential SMS system for timely prevention and treatment of infections such as HIV.

Helpline: 1195

Website: https://hakgbv1195.org/

Phone NO: +254 705208065 / +254 733738626
Email: [email protected]

2. Gender Violence Recovery Centre (GVRC)

GVRC is a non-profit mak­ing, non-​partisan; char­i­ta­ble trust of the Nairobi Women’s Hos­pi­tal (NWH) which is a pri­vate insti­tu­tion that spe­cialises in obstet­rics and gynae­col­ogy ser­vices and seeks to pro­vide holis­tic care to women and their families.

GVRC’s main pur­pose is to bring back mean­ing to survivor’s lives and their fam­i­lies. They do this through the pro­vi­sion of free med­ical treat­ment and psy­choso­cial sup­port to sur­vivors of gen­der based vio­lence. The med­ical sup­port given is the basic treat­ment for sur­vivors of Gen­der Based Vio­lence (GBV) that includes emo­tional, phys­i­cal, sex­ual and psy­cho­log­i­cal abuse.

Website: http://gvrc.or.ke/
Phone NO:+254 7196 38006, 0709 667 000
Email: [email protected]

3. FIDA Kenya

Members of the public are now able to access counsellors, and lawyers free of charge on FIDA’s toll-free number 0800-720-50. Not only is the line free of charge, but they also offer legal advice and psychosocial support which is professional and confidential as well.

Website: https://www.fidakenya.org/site
Toll-free number: 0800- 720 -50
Phone NO: 722 509 760
Email:  [email protected]

4. Kenya Men Engage Alliance

KEMEA Network views gender equality as integral to its operations and for the creation of nonviolent and gender-just societies in Kenya. 

The network membership includes community-based organizations, institutions, government departments and individuals working with boys and men in HIV and AIDS, Positive fatherhood, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Gender-based violence (GBV) and sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR). 

Website: http://menengage.org/regions/africa/kenya/

5. CREAW Kenya

Following the rise of GBV cases in 2020,  CREAW in partnership with Oxfam, Wangu Kanja Foundation, Acted Horn of Africa, Concern Worldwide, and Impact initiatives are providing support services to GBV survivors, among them cash transfers, counselling and shelter.

Contact: 0800-720-186 

Website: https://home.creaw.org/
Email:   [email protected]

6. LVCT Counseling Hotline 

LVCT is the only youth sexuality and sexual health toll-free hotline in Kenya and the largest in East Africa. The peer-led hotline targeting young people aged 15-24 years was established by LVCT Health in 2006. It provides free information on HIV and AIDS, sexuality, sexual reproductive health and rights in a confidential and non-judgmental way over the phone.

Website: https://lvcthealth.org/

Hotline: 1190 (SRH, HIV, GBV)

Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: +2547 202 646 692

8. Kelin Kenya (Reclaiming Rights, Rebuilding Lives)

The KELIN Strategic Litigation department uses litigation as a tool for social change. They undertake litigation on health-related cases to ensure that individuals and communities whose fundamental rights and freedoms have been violated have access to justice. To access justice, email [email protected]

Website: https://www.kelinkenya.org/strategic-litigation/
Phone Number: +254 20 2515790 | +254 57 2041001

Email[email protected][email protected]

9.Family Health International (FHI)

Are you going through isolation, anxiety, loss, or stress? Do you know anyone going through anxiety and stress? Family health Isolation (FHI360) has a hotline dedicated to helping people going through stress issues.

Website: https://www.fhi360.org/

FHI Hotline:  0776543099 

10. Childline Kenya

Childline Kenya works in partnership with the Government to STOP child abuse and provide a safe environment for all children. They offer the only nationwide helpline service dedicated to children that runs 24 hours toll-free and is accessible by simply dialling 116.

Hotline: 116 / 0800 221 080000800 221 0800800 221 08000800 221 0800
Website: https://childlinekenya.co.ke/

Phone Number: +254 722 116 116 

Email: [email protected]

If you are going through a mental health crisis and need help, reach out to a counsellor or a psychologist. If you are going through abuse or you know a person going through abuse, the Gender-Based Violence-free hotline is 1195.


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