Your Baby at Week 12

Your 12 weeks old baby is still loving the sensation of investigating new things with her mouth. She will want to explore everything by putting it in her mouth.

She will also make chewing motions, in preparation for the day she begins to eat.  This can sometimes be mistaken for hunger cues. Some well-meaning friends or relatives may give you breastfeeding advice and tell you that your baby is still hungry and that your milk is not filling enough. That is not true. So long as your baby is putting on weight each month and is wetting enough diapers, your body is producing enough milk for the baby. To confirm whether your baby is getting enough milk, download our free  printable guide

Keep her routine consistent. This will provide your baby with a sense of stability and security and help her develop good sleeping habits. For instance, even if your baby is not tired by 5 pm, go ahead and bathe her at that time if that is your normal bathing schedule. Give her the usual massage, feed and dim the lights by 6:30 as usual. You will find she can settle herself and sleep on this regular schedule. For practical tips on how to do infant massage, see this article on  Infant Massage.

You at 12 weeks of baby

Don’t forget those Kegels! Whether you gave birth through Caesarean or through a vaginal birth, your pelvic floor likely took a beating. Your body will not return 100% to its previous tone, but kegel exercises definitely help.  Your bladder and your spouse will thank you for consistently investing this effort.

Another issue you might have faced by this point could be sore nipples. Breastfeeding support specialists generally agree that sore nipples are a sign that something is wrong. Possibly baby has not latched properly. You can watch YouTube videos to see how the baby should latch, but the best solution is to get a Breastfeeding Support Specialist to come to help you. If you do suffer from cracked or sore nipples, express some of your milk and apply it to the nipple to aid with healing. Avoid lanolin or other creams as they may feed thrush. Cracked nipples could also be a sign of thrush or candida, which would also be present in your baby’s mouth.

Have your health care provider check for this during your well-baby visit. Healthy living tips: try to limit your intake of sugary and starchy foods that may feed the Candida. If you are experiencing pain or breastfeeding problems you may be experiencing, remember it is NOT normal!

You don’t have to do this alone. Interact with other mothers going through the same thing. Malaica also has a WhatsApp support groups for breastfeeding mothers.


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