How do you get a Kenyan birth certificate?

A birth certificate is an important document for every person and comes into play when making applications such as applying for a National ID, registering for KCSE and KCPE, applying for a passport and many more government applications.
Birth Certificate

When going through the pregnancy journey, beyond planning ahead for your baby’s arrival, saving money during your pregnancy and finding a maternity hospital to have your baby, knowledge on necessary documentation  like the birth certificate is important.

It is recommended to follow up on your child’s birth certificate to enable him or her to have a smooth sailing where this document is required. A child born in Kenya should be registered for a birth certificate immediately after birth or 6 months after.

One can do so at eCitizen Portal, at Huduma Centre or at the District Birth and Death Registries.

Application for newborns​

Parents are required to submit;

  • The notification of birth from the hospital (Copy and original).
  • The original National ID cards, birth certificates or passports of the parents.
  • Application forms (BDA – Birth and Deaths Registration Form) duly filled.

If you bore your child in the village or were born in the village, then your Sub-Chief is licensed to register births. However, if you bore your child in Nairobi or were born in Nairobi, all births are registered at City Hall. Alternatively, you can register your child at Huduma Centre. If you have all the necessary documents and meet the requirements, birth certificate charges are between KES 50 to KES 150. Charges vary depending on the application; newborn, over 18 years or amending a birth certificate.

Applying for late registration​

Any birth that has not been registered or whose birth notification has not been sent to the Immigration Centre within the first 6 months is deemed late registration. To apply, the documents required are;

  • Your National ID Card
  • Copies of your parents National ID Cards, birth certificates or passports
  • Your Class Eight or Form Four Leaving Certificates
  • A print out from the National Registration Bureau in case you can’t access your parents’ IDs
  • Your Baptismal card
  • Child immunization clinic card
  • Letter from employer indicating the date of birth
  • A filled out application for registration of late birth

Application for lost certificates​

For lost birth certificates, visit Huduma Centre and they will help you replace and get a new one.

Applying while living abroad

This is only applicable if your child was born abroad but to Kenyan parents and takes longer as documents have to be sent from Kenya. Visit the Kenyan embassy where you live and submit:

  • Two Application Forms (BDA – Birth and Deaths Registration form) duly filled
  • Two photocopies of both parents’ passports. The copies of the Kenyan parent’s passport have to include pages 29-32 (for the A Series Passport), pages 45-48 (for the B Series Passport), pages 61-64 (for the C Series Passport), and the photo page
  • Two photocopies of the child’s birth certificate or notification issued by the civil authorities or the hospital in the country of birth (either an international version or copies of the original and an official English translation)
  • Two self-addressed stamped A5 envelopes for postage purposes
  • Two copies of parents’ marriage certificate either international or translated into English if legally married
  • A non-refundable fee of $10.00 for each certificate payable only by bank transfer or EC-Debit card at the Embassy. Cash payments will not be accepted. Overpaid amounts will not be refunded. Enclose a copy of the bank transfer slips together with the application

Amending a birth certificate​

In case you want to amend your birth certificate, this is what Immigration Kenya says:

Within a duration of two years after registration of birth, the names could be changed on application but after production of relevant documentary evidence in support of the amendments.

After two years, you can add names to the existing ones but you cannot remove the names previously on the birth certificate, again documentary evidence will be required.

It is important to note that the DATE and PLACE OF BIRTH CANNOT be changed under any circumstances.”

To know more on amending a birth certificate, visit immigration offices and make inquiries.

Important disclaimer

This article is meant for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for Government advice. Consult Huduma Centre or eCitizen before making any decision with regards to applying or replacing a birth certificate. Contact eCitizen (+254 780 206 206) or Huduma Centre (+254 20 6900000).


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