Discounts for expectant mothers in Kenya is a key question we receive in our community discussions. Pregnancy is an exciting and transformative time in any woman’s life, but it can also bring about financial considerations.

Thankfully, for the ladies in the Malaica Pregnancy Care Program, we have curated a number of discounts available to expectant mothers that can help lighten the load. These range from essential baby-related items to comprehensive maternity packages, antenatal care services, ultrasound scans, and even discounts on toys. 

This article will explore some of the discount categories for expectant mothers in Kenya that are available to the Malaica mums in the community and details on how to redeem the discounts.


    1. Unlock Savings and Exclusive Discounts on Ultrasound Services and Maternity Packages for Comprehensive Care: We have partnered with hospital partners to offer Malaica mums in the paid program discounts on diagnostic services through ultrasounds, antenatal care clinic services and maternity packages. Save up to 15% OFF your health care costs and receive quality healthcare at reduced prices, ensuring peace of mind throughout your pregnancy journey.
    2. Cost-Effective Antenatal Care Services with Discounts: Regular prenatal check-ups are crucial for monitoring the health of both mum and baby.  Accessing discounts for these services not only help you save money but encourage prioritizing your health and seek the necessary medical attention during pregnancy. Successful Antenatal Care is a key element of the Malaica Pregnancy Care Program. We have partnered with health partners to offer Malaica mums in the paid program discounts on antenatal care clinic service packages. Save up to 10% OFF your health care costs with us.
    3. Affordable Must-Haves: Discounts on Baby-Related Products for Expectant Mums: we are keeping an eye out for seasonal discounts that can save you money on your essential pregnancy and baby-related products. We have partnered with different retail stores to bring you up to 10% OFF on baby related items.
    4. Budget-Friendly Baby Toys with Discounts to Delight Your Little One: Preparing for a new addition to the family often involves shopping for baby toys and accessories. We are on the look out for special promotions or loyalty programs specifically tailored for you, our expectant mothers to save money. As part of the Malaica mums community, you access the opportunity to enjoy up to 30% OFF on baby related items.




How to access and redeem these discounts for you as expectant mothers in Kenya:

Sign up for the Malaica Pregnancy Care Program (details on the program and its benefits indicated below) by clicking HERE . In this program, you will become part of an amazing group of pregnant women on the same journey as you.

Malaica Pregnancy Care Program


Malaica Pregnancy Care Program Benefits

The program payment packages available to enable access to exciting discounts for expectant mothers in Kenya, are indicated below:

Malaica Pregnancy Care Program Payment Packages


Malaica Pregnancy Care Program Package Details

Take the time to discover these and more incredible discounts for you once you become part of the program. Save money by exploring these discounts and make your pregnancy journey more affordable. If you would like to discuss the options available to you and speak with one of our customer service representatives to answer any questions you may have, chat with them on WhatsApp here: https://wa.me/message/4RP3IAXL3O7ZI1



Additional note:

For the expectant mothers searching for a hospital to do their ANC clinics or to deliver and would like to learn more about our hospital partners, click HERE to sign up and we’ll reach out to you to discuss options available. To view other maternity hospitals accessible to you in Kenya for ANC and maternity packages, click HERE.