Top 10 Essentials For a Manageable Pregnancy

Finding out that you are expectant is the best feeling ever, especially for new mums. You will find yourself googling all the things that might happen, what to expect, what to look out for and anything else that comes into your mind. You sign up for pregnancy weeks, sign up on 5 parenting websites and start looking for baby clothes and baby names. In addition to this, you’ll put more thought into your diet, finding a doula or a gynaecologist and being a healthy mum for your little one.

Here are Top 10 Essentials  For a Manageable Pregnancy

1. Community or Support System and having a malaica nurse midwife

Having a Malaica nurse midwife through your pregnancy journey helps by putting medical personnel at your disposal. Also be it parents, siblings, partners, friends or a community of mums, you’ll need support and people to rely on. Choose one person you can call to take you to the hospital, go shopping and get checkups and someone to pick you up. A great support system is great for an expecting mum’s well-being. Being a part of the Malaica pregnancy program also gives you access to a great group of other expectant mums for you to walk this journey with you.

2.Pregnancy Pillows

This is another kind of support that will come in handy. Choose pregnancy pillows that contour and curve to support the whole body. C shape pillows offer the most flexibility while wedge-shaped pillows offer great alignment when sleeping.

3. A Good Gynaecologist 

You’ll need a good gynaecologist for any advice, health concern or health recommendation that you may need. Give us a call to schedule an appointment with a Malaica gynaecologist for 1500/= only.

4.Insurance Policy/Funds

Do you have an insurance policy or hospital fund? What can it cover? What are the limitations? Which are the best maternity packages? All these are the questions to consider earlier on and plan on. Find out where your insurance policy can cover you and where it’s limited before moving on to maternity packages.

5. Comfortable Clothes

Loosely fitting clothes are more comfortable for any expectant mum as they cater to the growing bump. What’s more, If you know where to look, you can find stylish, loose-fitting clothes that will help you enjoy the baby bump more. Open shoes and sandals are a great choice especially if you find your feet swelling. Wide sneakers are good too.

In addition to sandals, scarves come in handy in countering any hot flushes that you might experience. Invest in them too.

6. Access To Information

You will have many questions to ask. Even as an experienced mum, every pregnancy and birth is different. Subscribe to the Malaica pregnancy program to gain access to the right information and have all your questions answered instantly by an expert. The information helps you make informed choices.

7. Essential Oils and Moisturisers

Moisturisers and essential oils are a must-have for an expectant mum. Take care of yourself, your bump and your skin by trying out different oils like Bio Oil.

8.An Inspiring Pregnancy Book

A book to help you keep positive, inspired and creative while at the same time offering all the truths about pregnancy. Read it amid hospital appointments, when chilling and relaxing and any other time you need inspiration.

9. Pregnancy Journal

Document all those precious moments in a pregnancy journal. Sometimes life gets in the way and we forget the precious moments. Write them down.

 10. Water bottles

Staying hydrated and drinking enough water and fluids is a sure way to stay healthy and one of the most important things during pregnancy. Make sure you have one.


Pregnancy Program

Malaica has developed a coaching program to make the pregnancy journey amazing.