Pregnancy week 5

You have missed your period by now. If your cycle is irregular and erratic, there is a chance that you still haven’t found out that you are expecting. If you do know, it will please you to know that while there may not be external evidence of the same, your little one is rapidly growing when you are 5 weeks pregnant
pregnancy week 5

At pregnancy week 5, your baby’s body is now made up of three layers; the endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm. They have taken a C-shape with a front, a back, a top and a bottom. With time, these layers will form tiny organs and tissues. It is only 5mm long and the size of an orange seed. However, it looks more like a little tadpole than the munchkin you will be holding in your arms in about 8 months. Its spine, heart and brain are already forming. Its tiny heart will beat for the first time at the end of this week, imagine that! You’ll be hard pressed to find a more precious moment in life than hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

Your changing body at pregnancy week 5

During pregnancy week 5, there is still no physical evidence apparent to you of the little miracle that is growing inside you. The earliest signs of pregnancy are, however, very present. In addition to fatigue, you may be experiencing nausea and have sore breasts. You may also experience bloating as well as food cravings.

You may also experience conflicting emotions at this point. You may feel extreme joy one minute and then sadness at the thought of the new baby the next minute. This is nothing to beat yourself about as your raging hormones are to blame. These mood swings are normal when you are 5 weeks pregnant and you should expect to have the ups and downs throughout the pregnancy period. You need to eat well and to rest as much as you can so as to keep your energy levels up. There are several easy recipes you can try. Also you can try beauty home remedies so that you have more time.

If you are a first time Mum, start doing research on a healthcare expert that will guide. Better yet, join the Malaica pregnancy care program and get access to a personal nurse midwife who will guide you through the pregnancy. it is recommended you have atleast one visit in your first trimester.

This week’s tip: This is the time to talk with your gym or fitness instructor about which forms of exercises will be safe for you to carry on in pregnancy. It is important that you maintain an exercise routine because in addition to easing some of the pregnancy discomfort, it will help you snap back into shape after delivery. You will also have an easier labor and delivery and it will boost your dipping energy levels.


Pregnancy Program

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