Pregnancy week 4

It is likely that you do not have a clue that you are expecting. This week you will miss your period and when you are 4 weeks pregnant, a pregnancy test may be able to give you the big fat positive.
pregnancy week 4

If it comes out positive and its confirmed that you are 4 Weeks Pregnant, congratulations! If not, do not worry. It is still early and a home pregnancy test may give you a negative. Wait a few days and take another one.

Your baby has moved from the fallopian tubes to the uterus which will be its home for the next 36 weeks. Implantation has occurred and the umbilical cord and the placenta are beginning to form. Your baby has transformed from the form of a blastocyst.  This is a ball of rapidly multiplying cells to an embryo. It is about 3mm long and the size of a maize seed.

Your changing body at pregnancy week 4

If you are anticipating it, you will begin to see very mild signs that there’s a little human being growing inside you. Your breasts for instance will feel tender and your nipples sensitive. You may also have mild cramping and mood swings. Some women have no symptoms at all at this point. But, these are the first signs of pregnancy.

Around the time you were supposed to have your period, you may notice some light spotting/ light bleeding during pregnancy. This is known as implantation bleeding and shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. As soon as you find out that you are pregnant is the ideal time to start taking folic acid. Folic acid during your pregnancy will prevent your baby from having spinal and neural birth defects. These defects occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy meaning these first weeks are crucial. Sign up for the Malaica pregnancy care program and talk to a healthcare expert as soon as you realize you are pregnant. If you have had a high risk pregnancy in the past, you should see a medical practitioner now.

This week’s tip: While your partner may be supportive, it is a good idea to also seek support of other pregnant women or women who are already mothers. The Malaica Pregnancy Care Program offers a private support group of mums-to-be sharing similar experiences.


Pregnancy Program

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