Pregnancy week 39

If your baby isn’t already home, expect to hear her first cry any time now. At 39 weeks pregnant, she is ready to meet the outside world but keep in mind that she will do so when she is ready.

She is over 3 kilograms heavy and the length of a leek and has filled out enough fat under her skin to keep her warm when outside the womb. 39 weeks pregnant means her growth has slowed as the birth process will be just as taxing for her as it will be for you so she needs to hold onto the energy.

Her tear ducts and brain are rapidly developing and will continue to for the first few weeks and months after she is born. She will not be able to shed tears until a month after birth but you will be able to monitor her brain development by how she responds to the stimuli all around her when she’s born.

Your body

You are exhausted and this is understandable-after all, you are 39 Weeks Pregnant! Your belly is as stretched as it can be and these last days may even feel longer than normal. Rest as much as you can to reserve the energy for the birth process. Don’t forget to keep up the light walking pregnancy exercises that you’ve been doing. Keep listening to make sure that your baby is still moving. Your breasts at this point will continue to fill out with milk and they may start to leak if they weren’t already.


Pregnancy Program

Malaica has developed a coaching program to make the pregnancy journey amazing.