Pregnancy week 36

Welcome to the final stretch of this amazing journey. You are 36 weeks pregnant now! Your baby is now all but ready to meet the world.

At 36 weeks pregnant, his digestive system is the only thing that isn’t quite ready and it might stay like this for a few days after birth. He has now began shedding the waxy substance that has been covering his skin and all his facial features, including the tiny details have formed.

You may feel as if you’re carrying a huge cauliflower in your belly but your little one weighs about 2.8 kilograms. Expect his growth to slow down at this point as his body will reserve the energy for the birth process. The downy hair that has been covering his skin is beginning to shed off and mix with the remaining amniotic fluid. Together, they will form meconium which will be your baby’s first bowel movement.

Your changing body

At 36 weeks pregnant you might be feeling exhausted and experiencing all these back and pelvic aches when you walk but hang in there. This means that your baby has moved further down into your pelvis now and you may feel an increased pressure in your lower belly. You may also have problems eating a normal meal in one sitting and you may need to eat smaller regular meals. This is also the time to visit your healthcare provider for prenatal care and monitor your baby’s movements much lower in your tummy. You may also notice an increase in vaginal discharge, which is normal.

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This week, you may also experience sudden bursts of energy accompanied by a compelling urge to clean the home, rearrange furniture or organise things around the house. This is referred to as ‘nesting phase’. Suddenly everything will appear like everything around you needs to be cleaned and sanitised; It can be pretty fulfilling to indulge yourself. Remember to keep in mind that your body is delicate at 36 Weeks Pregnant so take it all in moderation.

This week’s tip: You may have gotten so caught up in preparing for the coming baby that you forgot to think about birth control after the baby is born. You should start discussing the options available with your partner and with your healthcare provider. Now is also a great time to find a nanny in Kenya as you sure will need an extra hand once baby comes home. You can also book a babymoon for you and your newborn to relax and get to know each other after birth. There are several hotels in Kenya that would be perfect


Pregnancy Program

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