Pregnancy week 35

At 35 weeks pregnant, the most actively developing part is your baby’s brain. Neurons are forming brain connections so that she can receive stimulation at birth.

This is the best time to eat foods in Kenya that are rich in omega like coconut oil, sardines, salmon and chia seeds to help her brain development. Most of her physical development is complete and she just needs to add a bit more weight before she is born. You will be pleased to know that at 35 weeks pregnant, her kidneys are fully developed, her liver can process waste products and she has fully grown fingernails and toenails – she can even cause tiny scratches on her face if she touches them while in the uterus.

While she remains in a curled up position and the space in the womb becomes smaller, you can still feel the kicks. She is about 46 cm tall and weighs around 2.6kgs. She is unlikely to grow any taller before birth but will continue to pile on the baby fat.

Your changing body

Your belly is now a nice, huge bump and despite attempts to appear elegant, you will find yourself waddling. This is a result of hormonal changes loosening the joints in your toes and fingers. It is likely for you to experience frequent urges to urinate because of your baby’s head-down position in your pelvis region. Refrain from the temptation to cut down on your consumption of fluids because both you and your little bundle need them. You should try and empty your bladder as often as necessary and practice kegel exercises to keep your pelvic muscles strong. At 35 Weeks Pregnant you should also expect to experience some discomfort in the pelvis and buttocks.

The joints and tissues in your body are becoming softer and beginning to loosen in preparation for the delivery process. This is especially true for those joints and tissues around your pelvic area.

Tip for the week: If you are a working mum, now is the time to start easing into your maternity leave which you will take on in a few weeks. You are lucky if you work from home because you can take breaks. If you work away from home, make arrangements with your employer to be able to take short time offs to rest so that you can gear up for the big day.

This is also a good time to double check whether you have visited the baby shopping stores in Nairobi and gotten all the necessary baby clothes, equipment and either disposable or reusable diapers depending on your preference. If you have a car, ensure that you have a car seat and practice installing it.


Pregnancy Program

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