Pregnancy week 34

Congratulations you are still going strong at 34 Weeks Pregnant! If you have been worrying about pre-term labour this is the week to let go of that worry as your little darling is now fully formed and his lungs are well developed. If he came along now, he will have a great chance of survival and if he has no other health problems he will do fine.

Think about how a two-kilo bag of flour feels when you lift it, if you could hold him in your arms, your baby will weigh about half a kilogram more. At 34 weeks pregnant he is 45 centimetres long from toe to the crown and he now has distinct facial features as he gets ready for his first maternity photo shoot.

Your baby is likely to remain in a curled-up, head-down position until birth. At this point, your uterine and abdominal walls are stretched thin and there is more light getting into the womb. In response, the baby is learning to open and close his eyes. At 34 weeks he can tell between day and night and his play and movements will mirror this pattern. If only he would know to stick to this pattern after birth!

Your body

Your weight gain will begin slowing down or will hit a plateau altogether but this does not mean that your baby has stopped growing. Even better news is that the baby has started moving down to the pelvis area to get in position for birth and this means that you will feel a reduction on the amount of pressure on your chest and your lungs.

What Not to say to a Pregnant Woman

At 34 weeks you most likely will look very pregnant and you will notice that you feel a little light-headed when you jump to your feet after lying down for long periods. You can expect to feel a tingling or numb sensation around your pelvic area. This is a sign that the pelvic joints are loosening in readiness for D-day. Expect your popped belly button to feel a bit sensitive.

Tip: This is the time to confirm your birth plan with your doula/ midwife or birth partner and to start thinking about the actual birth process. Ask about the pain relief options, and how your baby will be monitored during labour and discuss the things that you would like during labour. You can also look at maternity hospitals in Kenya. Remember however, that normal delivery is usually spontaneous and a baby will not necessarily follow your carefully laid out plan.


Pregnancy Program

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