Pregnancy week 32

This week’s major development is that your baby at 32 weeks pregnant can now suckle and swallow in preparation for the transition to feed from the mouth.

He is growing fast and may stretch out to 48 cm, weighs about 1.8 kg and is now about the size of a medium pineapple. There is an increase in fat underneath his skin and it is now starting to look less transparent and more opaque. His fingernails and toenails have also developed and his skull is also now fully formed. You may also have noticed that you can feel your baby’s movements less because instead of the violent kicking, now he is squirming. This is normal. It just means that he is growing at a healthy rate and there is little room left for him to move around.

He is now 32 weeks and has now likely assumed the head down position in preparation for D-day. Do not panic if he hasn’t turned as there is still time left for him to turn. If he is a boy, his testicles have descended from his abdomen into his scrotum. They may however wait until after birth to move to this position.

Changes to your body

Your tummy is bigger now and you may find that your belly button is sticking out. That should be no cause for alarm as it will snap back after delivery. At 32 Weeks pregnant your baby is pushing up against the diaphragm and you may experience shortness of breath and heart burns. Try propping up pillows to help with the breathing and smaller more frequent meals. This is a normal sign of pregnancy; just like fatigue, mood swings, insomnia and for some people morning sickness even at this point in their pregnancy .

Tip: At 32 weeks pregnant you ought to have begun your birthing preparation by now. Have you chosen the gynaecologist you want to foresee the delivery? Have you shopped for one out of the many maternity hospitals in Kenya, where you want to receive your bundle of joy? You should take a walk around the hospital as the birth experience will be more pleasant if you are satisfied with your surroundings. Do you know who will take you to hospital when you get into labor? Have you checked that they are available? You should have a clear plan. Write it down if possible.


Pregnancy Program

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