Pregnancy week 31

At 31 weeks pregnant, your little cupcake is about 40 cm long from crown to toe and weighs about 1.5 kg.

She is the size of a large lettuce and will need to add around 1.9 kgs more before she is finally ready to meet the world. Her little arms and legs are now proportional to her head and the rest of her body and they are slowly filling out. Her eyebrows and eyelashes are also filling out.

All her five senses are now in working condition. Her little brain is functioning and she can perceive light. Talk to your baby and keep singing to her because she can hear your voice, your breathing and your heartbeat. If she wasn’t submerged in amniotic fluid, she would be able to smell you. At this point, she can move her head from side to side, can wiggle her toes and fingers and will be squirmish. You may have trouble sleeping as a result so try resting as much as you can in the position that is most comfortable for you.

Changes to your body

At 31 Weeks pregnant, your baby bump is now clearly defined and it sure is exciting. Your body is going through changes and some of them might make you a bit uncomfortable.

You are slowly filling out to accommodate the life that is growing within you and as a result may add up to half a kilogram this week. These sudden body changes may be emotionally taxing for you. It is best to surround yourself with supportive people and women who can relate.

You may feel the muscles across your abdomen contracting and relaxing. These are practice contractions and as long as they are irregular, non-painful and infrequent and go away when you change position or walk around. They should be no cause for alarm. If they become regular even without the pain, pay attention as it could be a sign of preterm labour. It would be important to contact your healthcare provider to know what to expect when this happens and this would be a great time to start hypnobirthing.

Tip/ Breastfeeding Advice: At 31 weeks pregnant your breasts may start leaking colostrum or pre-milk, a yellowish sticky liquid so this is the time to consider buying nursing pads to place in your bras to avoid soiling your clothes. Since breast milk storage has begun it is also a good time to start thinking about shopping for nursing bras. If your breasts haven’t began producing colostrum, don’t worry, your body is still getting ready to nourish your little one when she finally comes along.


Pregnancy Program

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