Pregnancy week 29

At 29 weeks pregnant, your baby weighs 1.2 kilograms, measures about 39 cm from crown to toe and is the same size as a butternut squash.

While she has the form of a newborn baby, she still needs to plump out before she is ready to meet you. Between now and the time you finally get to hold her in your arms, her weight will triple. As she reacts to the different types of stimuli all around her, her activity will be more frequent and also more intense.

As her brain matter continues to increase in volume, your baby’s head is growing bigger to accommodate it. Her brain is also developing and can now control her body temperature. The part of the brain that will determine her personality and intelligence levels is also developing. Her clitoris has already developed and the labia is slowly beginning to grow. If it’s a boy, his testicles have started descending into the scrotum. She has also started to turn into the head down position to get her ready for birth and her eyes can now focus on objects.

Your changing body

By now, you have added between 8 and 13 kilograms. Some of the weight you are adding is from the placenta which is also growing to match the baby’s nutritional needs. As a baby’s bones continue to develop, your highest nutritional requirement this week is calcium. Food in Kenya that is rich in calcium includes milk, cereals, dark green leafy vegetables and fish. When you are 29 weeks pregnant your body is producing a higher volume of blood meaning that your heart and circulatory systems and working overtime. Foods rich in vitamin C will help your body maintain the blood vessels.

You may be still struggling with constipation and back pains. Doing light pregnancy exercises will help ease both situations. Your fingers might also feel swollen. Removing your rings and wearing them on a chain around your neck will be more comfortable.

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Now is also the time to rethink your initial maternity leave plan. You may have been planning to work at 29 weeks pregnant and up to the last day but this wish may change depending on how you are feeling.

This week’s tip: “Money was tight when I was pregnant with my first child. A couple of friends were planning a baby shower for me and I made a small list of the baby items that I preferred as gifts. This helped me save a ton on baby shopping,” Cathy Kendi, mother of two shares.


Pregnancy Program

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