Pregnancy week 28

Imagine how holding a coconut in your arms would feel. This is how your baby is at 28 weeks pregnant, weighing a little over one kilogram and measuring about 38 cm from crown to toe. The two of you are finally in the last trimester and if he was born today, his survival is more certain.

He is practising blinking and his eyes are now open can now see light filtering into the uterus and shadows. He is short-sighted. If you could hold him in your arms, he’d be able to see your face. Your baby’s organs are all fully developed and the remaining phase will be mainly about him adding some weight. His bones are still soft and will only truly harden after birth. Also, his brain tissue amount will increase. At 28 weeks pregnant he is spending his time practising breathing, blinking, sucking, hiccuping and passing urine into the amniotic fluid.

Your changing body

If you are a first time Mum, it is normal to start having anxieties and fears about the birth process. This is normal. Talk out these fears with your doula/ midwife or your healthcare provider. Make most of those antenatal visits, which are scheduled on a bi-weekly basis now.

You’re also growing bigger by the day and are getting prone to dizzy spells. Keep hydrated and stay out of the sun. By the time you are at 28 weeks pregnant exhaustion and body aches are also now an everyday thing, hang in there.

Constipation is also a common symptom at this point for pregnant women as a result of the growing uterus pressing against your colon. And you may find it increasingly hard to bend. This means that you will have to improvise and if you have to bend to pick something from the floor, bend your knees instead of bending your back over.

As part of your prenatal care have you found out your rhesus status? This is a talk that you should have with your healthcare provider. If you are rhesus negative and the baby is rhesus positive, you should have an injection at this point for the baby’s safety. You will then have a follow up injection at 36 weeks.

This week’s tip: “Speaking one on one to real life mothers was what prepared me for the actual birth experience. Even as you read books, there are some things that only a mother can tell you about birth,” mother of one Ruth Kanuu draws from her experience.

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