Pregnancy week 27

You are now entering your third trimester, congratulations! At 27 weeks pregnant, your baby’s brain is now active.

She continues to practice inhaling and exhaling. She may not have seen or heard much but your little munchkin can now dream. Your baby can hiccup but you are likely to feel this as rhythmic kicking or jumping movements. She is likely to hiccup in reaction to your eating spicy foods. By now, you know how much your baby moves. If you notice a significant drop in activity, contact your healthcare provider.

She weighs about 875 grams, measures about 37cm from crown to toe and is as big as sweet melon. Also, it will please you to know that if you had a premature birth when 27 weeks pregnant, your baby’s chances of survival are 85 percent. With a little medical assistance, she will be able to breathe on her own.

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Your changing body

This new phase of your pregnancy comes with different symptoms and pregnancy week by week signs. At 27 weeks pregnant you may notice cramping in your feet and, taking a short walk or flexing your toes should help.

Your legs may also feel tingling and jittery. If you also feel an urge to move your leg, you could be experiencing the restless leg syndrome which affects on average one in four pregnant women. It is believed to be genetic or caused by certain dietary factors like iron deficiency or reaction to certain foods. If your doctor confirms that you are not lacking in iron, then you may have to live with these symptoms up to delivery. Hang in there mama.

 Now is the time to start attending birth classes. It is good to have a doula/ midwife or your chosen birth partner accompany you for these classes. You should also have started bonding with your little one talk to your baby, singing or even reading her a book

This week’s tip: Finally, as your pregnancy becomes more obvious, expect to hear all forms of advice from family, friends and even strangers. “It can be irritating but I learned that most of them are well-meaning. Just listening to them doesn’t mean that you have to take their advice,” counsels Mwende Mutua, a mother of one.

Nurturing moms from our resources centre provides a great support system for mums-to-be that could be useful for you in your third trimester and at 27 Weeks Pregnant.


Pregnancy Program

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