Pregnancy week 26

At 26 weeks pregnant you are almost through with your second trimester! The great development this week is that your little munchkin has started making breathing movements.

He can now inhale and exhale small amounts of the amniotic fluid all in preparation for the D-day when he will take his first breath outside the womb. His skin is beginning to look less translucent and he can now open his eyes. There may not be much to see in the womb but he can perceive light and darkness. His eyelashes are also growing out. The kicks in your stomach are now solid. He has also developed a waking and sleeping pattern. Enjoy the moments he is awake because he will soon run out of space in the tummy to kick.

Your baby now weighs 750 grams, measures about 36 centimetres long from crown to toe and is about the size of a lettuce head. He is clearly growing fast, one more reason why you need to keep eating comfort  food in Kenya, it will help you keep a balanced diet. The good news is that at 26 Weeks pregnant your baby has a good chance of survival if you were to give birth.

Your changing body

You have probably added about 10 kilos by now. It is now becoming increasingly difficult to walk, stand or sit for long periods of time. You are also likely to experience aches and discomfort on your lower back. This is a result of pressure and the weight of your growing belly. You can relieve some of the discomfort by keeping a good posture all day long and resting as much as you can. Continuing with the pregnancy exercises will also help. You will also continue experiencing the mood swings.

This week’s tip: Have you been yearning to go away on a “babymoon” to a quiet place with your partner? Now would be a good time because the baby is still a safe 14 weeks away and you can travel and work safely. Once he comes home, it will be a while before you can free up time and have some energy to do something like this. It is safe to fly and take car rides as long as you take the required precautions. Circulation is of utmost importance when you travel. Keep moving around when you make stops and to regularly massage your legs when you are seated. Make sure when you buckle the belt falls below your belly and remember to stay hydrated.


Pregnancy Program

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