Pregnancy week 25

At 25 weeks pregnant, your baby weighs 690 grams and measures about 33 cm long from crown to toe. She is as long as an eggplant and the big development this week is that your baby has gotten a sense of equilibrium.

She now knows which side is up and which one is down. Her heartbeat is louder, loud enough to be heard by someone pressing their ear against your belly without a stethoscope. She can already show signs of whether she will be right-handed or left-handed. She is beginning to slowly plump out as the fat collecting underneath her skin is making the skin look less wrinkled.

Your changing body

At this point you are experiencing constant hunger. You can’t seem to get full. While it is not wise to starve yourself, pay attention to the nutritional value of the foods you consume. You do not want to stuff yourself with empty calories that will not do your body any good. Keep exercising but keep each session to under half an hour. If you start to feel dizzy or out of breath, stop.


You have likely started shopping for baby clothes offers. Now is the time to start thinking about setting up the nursery when you still have some energy to move around. You can look at baby sites for inspiration. If you already do not have a name picked out, you are likely discussing Kenyan baby names with your partner at this point. Other than the meaning behind the name, you may want to think about other things like what the initials of the names you like spell out and whether there are any odd nicknames associated with these names. You can have a lot of fun bonding time with your partner while at it.

You may worry about whether or not it is safe to drive yourself at this point. At 25 weeks pregnant, as long as your pregnancy is normal and you feel well, it is okay to drive. Remember to strap on the seat belt beneath your belly.

This week’s tip: “I decided to tell my three year old that I was expecting another baby when the pregnancy became apparent. I thought that if she could see the big belly, she could understand the concept better. I told her that she was going to be a big sister and she was excited about the coming baby,” Ann Chirchir, a Nairobi banker and a mother of two shares when she started to accustom her older child to the idea of a sibling.


Pregnancy Program

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