Pregnancy week 23

At 23 weeks pregnant, your little bundle of joy is still on a growth spurt. She now weighs about 500 grams, measures about 29 cm long from crown to toe and is about the size of a large mango or paw paw. Expect her to double this weight over the next four weeks.

Her skin is still translucent with a reddish tinge due to the veins and arteries developing underneath it. Her bones and other organs are visible through her skin. Lanugo, the fine hair that is covering baby’s skin to provide her with the warmth she needs is now darkening.

Her sense of hearing, smell and taste are becoming stronger. She spends about half her day kicking and turning and you can feel these movements strongly. The area in the baby’s brain that is responsible for sensing movement is developing. This means that when you are 23 weeks pregnant, she can feel it when you dance.

Your changing body

Your appetite is still on an all-time high spurred by the fast growing baby’s dietary needs. Your weight gain is steady and may even be beginning to adapt a different walking style. By the time you are 23 weeks pregnant, you may have gained up to 7 kilograms. This weight varies from woman to woman. Friends and family are bound to compare you with other women but as long as your doctor doesn’t have a problem with your weight, don’t worry about it. Backaches have started creeping up on you. To curb them, maintain a good posture when you are seated or walking. A good, firm bra will also go a long way in easing back discomforts.

As your belly grows, the reality of parenthood and the responsibilities that come with it is becoming clearer. Pregnant women tend to feel overwhelmed. To avoid that feeling that you are running out of time to do all that needs to be done before the baby arrives, it helps to make a list in order of importance and get some baby info. If you feel stressed, reach out to family and friends.

This week’s tip: “I have never been a snorer but in my second trimester, I was surprised to find that I was keeping my husband up at night. My doctor said that it was due to the added weight. I got another pillow so that I could sleep with my head elevated and the snoring eased,” says Carol Mathu, a mother of a one year old boy.


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