Pregnancy week 22

At 22 weeks pregnant, baby has taken the form of a newborn but he is still quite skinny. His eye brows, lips, nose and ears are fully formed and are becoming more defined. The hair on his head is continuing to grow, his skin is still translucent and he needs to pile up some fat.

If you paid attention this week, you would notice that he has formed a sleep and rest pattern. He sleeps for about 13 hours each day. When he is awake, the kicking, poking and turning is more vigorous. His pancreas is still developing. The surface of his brain which was previously flat his beginning to develop folds.

This week’s big development is that his sensory system is now developing. When he brushes his little arms against his face, her can feel it. He weighs about 420 grams and measures about 27 cm long from head to toe. He is the size of a small squash.

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Your pregnant belly is now very noticeable and you may have people wanting to touch it. This might feel intrusive and uncomfortable for you. Remember that you need to put yourself first for the sake of your growing baby. If you do not want people touching your belly, do not be afraid to say so. It is okay to be selfish.

At 22 Weeks Pregnant your baby is rapidly growing and you are also steadily gaining weight. Stay on a healthy balanced diet and keep exercising lightly.  Each woman’s body is different and you can have a talk with your healthcare provider on your weight. You continue to experience signs you are pregnant like food cravings, food aversions and back pains.

This is also the ideal time to savor your relationship with your significant other. When you are not worrying about the baby spend some time together doing an activity that both of you enjoy. A time is coming you will not be able to do some of these things.

Husband holding pregnant wife

This week’s tip: You have been having the first signs of pregnancy nausea, mood swings and exhaustion but when you are 22 Weeks Pregnant you get to enjoy some of the ups of pregnancy. Joyce Mutua, a Nairobi business woman and the mother of a-two-year old girl , shares that she embraced this phase. “My nails were stronger and they grew faster. I indulged in manicures. It made me feel beautiful and I felt better about my weight gain.”


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