Pregnancy week 19

Your baby’s fastest-growing part by the time you are 19 weeks pregnant is the sensory nerves.

The nerve cells enabling hearing, seeing, feeling, and smelling are rapidly developing. She is also developing a greasy white protective coating over her skin known as vernix caseosa. This coating protects her sensitive skin from the surrounding amniotic fluid. The skin underneath this coat is beginning to form a pigment. At 19 weeks pregnant she has started making breathing movements as well as swallowing the amniotic fluid.

Finally, your baby’s arms and legs are in the right proportion to each other and to the rest of her body. Your are 4 months (pregnant) and she looks like a complete newborn baby now. She is about 14.5 cm long, weighs about 240 grams and is about the size of a mango. The neurons between her brain and little muscles are connecting meaning that she can now toss or turn at will. She can touch her face, pedal her legs and even suck her thumb. Still, she needs most of his energy for her growth and will sleep for 20 hours a day.

Your changing body

Your abdomen is still feeling itchy and you are still feeling the occasional pain in the abdomen and around the hip area. At 19 weeks pregnant you may find yourself running out of breath after minor activities. This is because the growing baby is taking space in your abdomen and pushing on the diaphragm  which in turn reduces the space where you lungs could have expanded into. You will need to get used to this until the final weeks when baby will start descending into the cervix in readiness for birth.

You have probably acquired a collection of flat shoes by now. This week you will notice feet swelling and you need to look for shoes with a wider fit, all this is healthy weight gain. But, propping up your feet will help reduce this swelling. You will experience an increase in the urge to urinate. This time it isn’t because of the hormones but because your growing uterus is putting pressure on the bladder. Pay attention to your bathroom habits because you are now susceptible to urinary tract infections more than ever, if you feel an urge to go, don’t ignore it.

The growing bump is likely causing  heartburn and indigestion. You can control it by spreading out your meals into many smaller meals and avoiding heartburn triggering foods like caffeine, greasy foods and very spicy foods, smoking during pregnancy should not even be in the question for the health of the baby.

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This week’s tip: You are now experiencing an increase in the back pain and finding a comfortable position to sleep is becoming harder. Try adopting the baby’s fetal position as it will help solve these two problems.


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