Pregnancy week 10

The great news this week is that you are 10 weeks pregnant and your little munchkin just got her first tooth. She may be the size of a prune but her first tiny tooth started forming underneath her gum. You may however not be able to see it until she is about six or seven months old.
pregnancy week 11

When you are 10 weeks pregnant your baby has now entered the fetal stage which is a vital stage in her development. Her liver, heart, brain and kidneys have not fully matured but they are all in place. In fact, if you listened to with a stethoscope, you may be able to hear her very faint heart beat which is beating two or three times faster than an adult heart.  She is taking human shape and her features are gaining little details like toes and fingers. If your little one is a boy, he is already producing testosterone in preparation for an aggressive manhood. His little eye lids are however fused shut and will remain this way until you get to the third trimester.

Your changing body

Your stomach is still flat. The only thing that may give away the little one growing in your stomach is the bouts of morning sickness during pregnancy that you are likely experiencing. If this is your first pregnancy, your bump will start showing much later. But, you can keep a pregnancy calendar to keep track of the days and weeks. Your clothes and bras however are starting to feel a bit tight. The clothes may especially feel tight at the midsection because of bloating. A diet high in vegetables as well as a high water intake will remedy this. Also stay away from foods that produce a lot of gas. You can identify them by keeping a diary of the foods you eat and how your body feels afterwards.

Healthy juice

You are still feeling queasy, exhausted and you are probably still experiencing emotional highs and lows. It might please you to know that in just two weeks, the hormones will even out and some of these symptoms will go away. Exercising will keep your energy levels up and keep you feeling better in the meantime.

Tip: This may be the time to start shopping for maternity wear for comfort and bras to give your breast adequate support to minimize sagging. Your body will rapidly change over the next few months so do not shop for many clothes all at once. You can also check out pregnancy websites that help mums find the best clothes for comfort and style


Pregnancy Program

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