Pregnacy week 40

Congratulations, you are 40 weeks pregnant and you have now reached the finishing line with your pregnancy!

Today may be the day you finally hold your baby in your arms but if your body isn’t showing any signs of him making the grand entrance, don’t stress. Most health practitioners will wait a week or two before declaring him overdue and inducing labour depending on the risk factors surrounding the individual pregnancy. The given due date is just a guideline, not a definite time. So if at 40 weeks pregnant you are still waiting, keep calm and relax.

His head is now settled deeply into your pelvis and this might have you taking on a leaning-back posture. You might need to keep a manicure set ready because your little one’s nails might extend past his fingers and he will need a trim. He now likely weighs anything between 3 and 4 kilograms. More often than not, boys weigh more than girls at birth. If you or your partner have been talking or singing to him, he can recognize the voices. Talk to him when he is born as familiar voices will go a long way in helping him adjust to the new surroundings.

Your body

At 40 weeks pregnant you will require constant monitoring so that you will have the assistance needed when the contractions begin. Therefore, travel and work should be out of the question. Also, ensure that there is someone on standby to rush you to a maternity hospital  when that time comes.

You may consider trying some of the natural home remedies believed to speed up labor like asking your partner to go for a walk with you or having sex. Even if they don’t work, you will have bonded with your significant other. There is very little space left for the baby to move around in the uterus so it might be painful for you when they move, hang in there, this will pass soon. Sleep is now hard to come by but make sure you rest as much as you can. Your preferences for the birth process may keep changing, keep your partner updated.

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This week’s tip: By now, you must be getting lots of phone calls from friends and relatives calling to ask if ‘anything has happened yet’. This can be very unsettling. Your priority at the moment is you and your baby. Do not feel guilty if you want to switch the phone off. You will have plenty of time to notify everybody once the baby is in your arms.


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