30 Me-Time Activities and Ideas for All Mums

Creating some time to be alone is necessary for our daily routines and as a mom, you seldom have that. Or you might end up having alone time abruptly and then wonder what to do with all that time. These tips will make sure that you are never lost when those golden moments present themselves.
  1. Spring clean! Clean all the surfaces, closets, nooks and crannies in the house. You may not realize it but being a bit cleaner and organized clears your thinking and leaves you feeling more organized mentally.
  2. Binge – watch a new TV show or catch up on one of your favourite flicks. With kids, it’s hard to have a movie marathon because they’re a distraction at times. Make some time for the newest series.
  3. Budget. Spend some time with your finances maybe? This is a good time to catch up with your finances and spending habits and see what needs to change.
  4. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi at home or in a salon of your choice. When you look good, you feel good. Schedule an appointment and have your manicure, pedicure or both.
  5. Create playlist- There is nothing as soothing as listening to your favourite playlist when having some me time. Create several playlists: A laundry playlists, a chilling playlist, a soothing playlist etc
  6. Read a book. Not a magazine, a book. Turning the pages of a book as you follow characters and events can be so calming. You will find yourself immersed in another world, and it helps to disappear at times. You can download free books from the Oodles book app or Obooko.
  7. Go for a hike or a walk in nature. Outdoor time should be included in your alone time. In those moments, your brain is present and focused on the terrain, path, nature and your new surrounding and not on the responsibilities of life. Nature by itself is very calming.
  8. Schedule a quiet walk in the morning or evening. Quiet morning walks can be so serene and peaceful and offer amazing introspection into one’s life and soul.
  9. Practice yoga frequently – it’s proven to be a great stress relief.
  10. Go for a facial. Having a facial is a great way to end your alone time and snap back to routine as a new person.
  11. Research your Zodiac sign.  Does how you act reflect your Zodiac sign? How about entertaining yourself with the results you find.
  12. Take a bath: Long baths are so soothing. Add baths, with aromatic salts, and a glass of wine to your me time and you’ll be rejuvenated.
  13. Journal. Feeling a bit overwhelmed lately? Write in your journal. Journaling has a way of bringing us to terms with what we are going through and the underlying causes and effects.
  14. Girls night out. Be wild, have fun, have a  spa date, sing karaoke and just have fun with your girlfriends. You deserve it you awesome mama.
  15. Keep up with your favourite blogs or vlogs. This is an excellent way of spending your alone time if you love reading and following up on the latest trends.
  16. Go thrifting! You know those items you’ve been meaning to buy but haven’t? Look for thrift stores around you and aim to look great for less!
  17. Watch Youtube Tutorials. Keep up with the latest makeup trends, recipes and all other interests during your me-time.
  18. Attend a Retreat! Just do it if life has gotten so overwhelming.
  19. Map out your vision board. Planning your year or future is a great way to spend this time. Simply log in to Pinterest for all the inspiration and visuals you need and get working on the board.
  20. Take some R&R time and start writing the book you’ve been planning to write or finish a project.
  21. Learn how to play an instrument. Learn how to play the guitar, piano, saxophone or learn a new language. Stretch your brain.
  22. Knit and Sew. Knitting can be so therapeutic since it calls for concentration, it’s a great way to practice mindfulness.
  23. Wine tasting. This is a great time to go wine tasting and possibly discover your hidden taste in wines while polishing up on your wine knowledge so try wine tasting next time.Wine tasting during me time
  24. Go for brunch in any of these brunch places Nairobi has to offer.
  25. Write at your favourite Coffee shop. If you are a writer, writing at a coffee shop can be such a treat! Finish your lagging writing projects during this time and leave having done some 2 or 3 hours of deep work.
  26. Have a spa date with your mum. At this point, you have realized that your mum is a hero. Schedule some time with her and treat her too!
  27. Plant a garden or tend to the one that you already have. Plant flowers and herbs and maintain a beautiful garden. Incorporating your favourite herbs will save you having to buy them time and again.
  28. Get in touch with your higher power. We all know how immensely great a good relationship with the Higher Power we believe in feels.
  29. Nap. Hours of uninterrupted sleep that your body has been feeling robbed off.
  30. Redecorate and rearrange your space. It has a way of making life seem new.

These ideas are a great start for any busy mum or a mum who is feeling weary and needs some time alone. Let us know in the comment section your go-to tips for spending time alone.


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