Complimentary Feeding Guide

Complementary feeding involves introducing other foods alongside breast milk, but it’s highly recommended to continue breast milk feeding for 2 years or longer. Use this guide to help you implement the process correctly.

Nanny Dismissal Form

Our nanny dismissal form helps you terminate your nanny’s employment contract in a professional and respectful manner. It includes all necessary details, such as the reason for dismissal, effective date, compensation, and any benefits owed. Using this form can protect you from legal disputes and ensure your nanny’s rights are respected.

Nanny Contract

Download our nanny contract template for a clear and fair agreement with your nanny. Our pre-written terms cover everything from duties to compensation, ensuring a professional and respectful working relationship. Avoid potential legal issues and establish a stress-free working relationship with your nanny today.

Weaning Plan

Download our free menu plans to organize healthy and nutritious meals. This no-stress guide points to several local foods easily obtainable here in Kenya. Written and approved by one of Kenya’s Leading Nutritionists.

Birth Plan

A birth plan outlines your preferences for labour and delivery. Share copies with your healthcare provider, nurse midwife, and partner. Remember that your options may change based on your medical condition. A printed document makes it easier to communicate your wishes and reminds your healthcare provider of your preferences during labour.

Post-Natal Depression Checklist

You have recently been through a range of emotions while bringing your precious baby into this world. If you are still feeling down, use this self-assessment tool to determine if you may have PND.

Infant Schedule (6 -12 Months)

Routines bring stability and order to your baby’s life. Schedule time for naps, play, and family activities to ensure their well-being.

Hospital Packing Checklist

Pack in advance to be well-prepared for your hospital stay and your baby’s arrival. Follow this checklist to avoid forgetting anything when you go into labour.

Diaper Record

This tool will help you determine if your baby is getting enough milk nourishment by tracking diaper output.

Breastfeeding Tracker

Track your milk output to calibrate supply and meet your baby’s demands with this lactation record.