Pregnancy week 24

At 24 weeks pregnant, Your little munchkin has now taken the form of a newborn baby. He now weighs about 650 grams, measures 30 centimetres long from crown to toe and may still be tiny but his little body features have formed. His little eyes, nose and mouth are almost clearly etched. His lungs are also slowly developing and branching out and his taste buds have developed.

About a month ago, his head took about a third of his whole body size but now, at 24 weeks pregnant, his body is proportional. His body is filling out with flesh but the fat deposits found under the skin haven’t yet formed and his skin still looks very light and translucent. If you looked, you could see right through to his organs. How fragile!

It will please you to know that if you went into premature labor when you are 24 weeks pregnant and your baby was born, he would be considered a viable fetus and he would have a chance at survival.

Your changing body

At 24 Weeks Pregnant you now have a clear, round bump and it may be causing you to feel tired more quickly and a little unsteady on your feet. This is the shifting centre of gravity and you need to pay more attention to your movements. This is also the best time to take a maternity shot using Nadia Kist, Freelance Photographer.

This week, you may start experiencing an uncomfortable numbness or tingling sensation in your fingers and wrists. If you are a working mum that has a job that involves typing or moving your hands a lot, you may have to take breaks to stretch your fingers. You can also counter this by using pillows to prop up your arms whenever you lay down to rest.

This is the time when your healthcare provider will perform a glucose screening test to check for gestational diabetes a  form of diabetes that occurs in pregnant women. it usually occurs due to the surge in hormones in your body that leads to resistance to insulin. About 3% of all pregnant women will experience it.

This week’s tip: At 24 weeks pregnant, your belly is now stretched out and you may begin experiencing itchiness on your belly and noticing those reddish or white marks running across your tummy or your breasts. Whether you get stretch marks or not will ultimately depend on your skin type. It might however minimize their appearance if you keep your skin moisturized. Also wear a firm bra to keep the skin on your breasts from overstretching. If you do get stretch marks, learn to embrace them as one of the many badges you get from hosting life within you. You can also check out baby sites for pregnant moms to find more tips for pregnancy.


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