Pregnancy week 9

At 9 weeks pregnant, your baby is 2 inches long and weighs about 250 grams. She is about the size of an olive. Her organs are now forming and it is possible for her to suck her thumb and stretch.

An ultrasound is one of the safest imaging modality as it allows you to know if you baby at 9 weeks pregnant is alright in terms of any deformities or complications.

Her genitals are now visible and its possible to tell if you will have boy or a girl. However, if you need to know the sex of your baby, you can wait to find out between week 15 to 18 and prepare yourself psychologically.

Your changing body

During the next few weeks, you are expected to experience weight gain now that your body is manufacturing more blood and amniotic fluid which is important for the baby.

While the morning sickness will still be a part of your life it will be essential to start drinking more water and milk than you usually do. This will help you have a healthy pregnancy. The milk is important because it will provide calcium at this stage in your pregnancy for the well being of your baby.

For first time mums, you may start craving iron, and sometimes find yourself eating “stones”. They are considered an old wives remedy for iron and calcium supplement. Although, introducing calcium in their diet through would be more effective. You can also read books and find out more about pregnancy so that you can find out what you need more of.

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This week’s tip

Carry around water if need be to ensure you drink as much water as possible. Decide whether or not you would like an ultrasound with your doctor. If you are visiting a government clinic, they may give you advice on whether or not it is a necessary option.

If you know the sex of the baby, its time to start picking baby clothes and colors.


Pregnancy Program

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