Pregnancy week 6

When you are 6 weeks pregnant, your little one is starting to form his main features. If you could see him, you would see that he has little markings in place of his eyes, and nose and small indentations in place of his ears. He is also developing little stubs which will finally grow into arms and legs. His head is a bit oversized. His body will become proportional with time.
pregnancy week 6

Your baby’s heart at pregnancy week 6 is now beating and the organ is slowly transforming into the four chambers that will pump blood through his vessels. His liver, lungs and kidneys have also started to develop. His skin is very thin and transparent. It may be hard to imagine but he can now make his first slight movements. It will however be several weeks before you can feel him move.

Your baby lays curled up with his legs bent upwards and measurements at this point are taken from the crown to the rump. He is between 4 and 5 mm long. He is the size of a sweet pea.

Your changing body at pregnancy week 6

At pregnancy week 6, you are probably experiencing a range of emotions. If you were expecting to get pregnant, you are probably overwhelmed by the fact that your baby is now a reality. If you weren’t, you are probably scared. You are bound to feel the emotions more intensely because of the fluctuating hormones.

You are also experiencing signs that you are pregnant like morning sickness, frequent bathroom trips and breast tenderness. You have the HCG pregnancy hormone to thank for this. You are also feeling more tired. This is a result of the rapid developments taking place inside of you. Rest as much as you can.

At pregnancy week 6, you may or may not have added up to two kilograms at this point. You may also have lost some weight especially if you are experiencing morning sickness. You shouldn’t be worried about either situation. Each pregnancy body is different. You can also sign up for the Malaica pregnancy care program for unlimited access to a personal nurse midwife to guide you through unfamiliar pregnancy symptoms and changes.

This week’s tip: Vivian Kiiru a first-time mother who went through a twin pregnancy and, now has a set of twins aged eighteen months shares that she suffered from constipation right from the start of her pregnancy. Drinking water did little to ease it. “After talking with my doctor, I learnt that I needed to go the very first time I felt the urge. Also, it was easier to make bowel movements during particular times of day like early in the mornings.” by pregnancy week 6


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