Pregnancy week 30

You have clocked 30 Weeks Pregnant! Your baby currently weighs about 1.4 kilograms and he is the size of lettuce. If he could stand, he would be 39.5 cm tall. His head is about 8cm in diameter. He continues to pile on fat underneath his skin.

At 30 weeks pregnant his bone marrow is now producing red blood cells which will be transporting oxygen to his body parts. The hair on his head is growing thicker.

He can respond to noises outside your tummy by squirming and you can make most of this by talking to him or playing for him some music. He can also track bright sources of light and exposing your belly to light will help develop his eyesight. His digestive tract is now fully developed. You will notice that he now hiccuping more frequently. As the baby grows bigger, the volume of amniotic fluid surrounding him reduces.

Your changing body

You might also start experiencing emotional ups and down triggered by the prospect of childbirth which is just 10 weeks away. This is one of the reasons why getting a doula/ midwife who will give emotional support in addition to physical and informational support is a good idea. Also, talk to your significant other about what you are feeling. Emotional ups and downs do not mean that you are a candidate for postnatal depression.

Your nighttime sleep might be interrupted several times by an urge to urinate. You might feel tempted to cut down on the number of liquids you are consuming but this is unwise. The best way to counter this is by ensuring that you have drunk enough liquids earlier in the day.

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By 30 weeks pregnant you will continue adding weight but your physique is unlikely to change much after this point. You may need to find a sitting and sleeping position that is comfortable for you. Continue with the light exercises and stretching. At this point, you should have acquired a collection of proper maternity clothes. Have you thought about where you are going to have your baby? There are several maternity hospitals in Kenya. But, home birth is now becoming increasingly popular. You can ask more about this option from your healthcare provider.

This week’s tip: “When I was around 30 weeks pregnant, during my third trimester, I experienced insomnia. I noticed that I would lie in bed for hours tossing and turning but when I lost sleep and got up from the bed and tried to read a book or watch a movie, I would feel sleepy soon after,” shares Linda Miyoni a 26-year-old first time Mum.


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