Pregnancy week 20

Congratulations you’re now 20 weeks pregnant! You are halfway through this amazing journey. The great news this week is that now an ultrasound done by your doctor in Kenya can show whether the little munchkin that is growing inside you is a boy or a girl. While he started moving around when he was around six weeks, he is now big enough and you can feel him kick and squirm in your belly. That must fill you with so much joy.
20 weeks pregnant

The baby is now about the size of a banana. He measures about 16.5 cm long from crown to toe. If it is a girl, her uterus is now fully formed and her tiny ovaries now hold millions of little eggs. If it is a boy, his testicles are fast growing. He is now looking more and more like a newborn baby with slowly growing hair and a set of nails and toes and eyebrows.

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Your changing body

You are now obviously pregnant and your tummy is now the size of a melon. If you are lucky, those days of queasiness and morning sickness are now long gone. At this point, you may be experiencing a huge appetite. Embrace it and eat well as your little one sure needs all those nutrients. Just remember to keep doing light exercises to keep your energy levels up. You may be experiencing heartburn. To counter it, try having smaller spaced-out meals rather than eating the whole meal in one sitting, this is just one healthy living tip.

You may experience lightheadedness or even headaches in crowded, closed in places. This does not mean that you are sick. Try wearing loose fitting clothes and staying in places with lots of fresh air. The growing bump may be making it harder to find comfortable sleeping positions. Try using extra regular pillows to help you sleep and rest better.

Tips For Pregnancy: If you are a working mum, 20 weeks pregnant is the right time to start talking with your human resources department regarding maternity leave. It may still seem a long way off but with the many things that will be happening over the next few months, this discussion may slip your mind. How long will the maternity leave be? Will it be paid or unpaid? With answers to these questions, you will be able to put your finances in order and plan for child care in advance. If you work for yourself or don’t work, it’s still useful to start planning around your self-granted ‘maternity leave’.


Pregnancy Program

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