Pregnancy week 14

Now that you are in 14 weeks pregnant and in your second trimester. Your baby has grown to 8cm long and weighs about 40 grams. Your little one is the size of a lemon and the fact that you are having a baby is now very real.

The great development at 14 weeks is that the baby’s facial muscles have developed and he can now wear various facial expressions, he can squint, grimace and even smile although he doesn’t have the capacity to register the emotion yet. His brain impulses are what is enabling the twitching and his head is also sprouting some hair. At this point, hair growth is all over the body to keep him warm but it will shed in later months.

This week you may choose to  have the dating ultrasound scan which will show you whether you are carrying a single baby or multiples (a twin pregnancy) –  and also predict your due date. This scan will show you that his little arms have grown to be proportional to the rest of his body. His legs still have a little bit of growing to do to be in proportion.

Your changing body

14 weeks pregnant is a good week for you. Your risk of miscarriage just dropped by 75 percent, the queasiness has subsided, your energy levels are high and your breast tenderness has decreased. You have now started rocking those maternity tops you have been shopping for and people are now holding doors open for you. At this time you might be experiencing abdominal aches which is a result of the abdominal ligaments surrounding your uterus stretching.

You need to add the amount of calcium in your daily intake because in the next few weeks your baby’s bones will be hardening. If you are looking for more relevant baby information to help you understand what you are going through, Malaica has a group of Pregnant mums that would benefit you at this point in your pregnancy.


Pregnancy Program

Malaica has developed a coaching program to make the pregnancy journey amazing.